The Top Reasons Commercial Roofs Are Flat

The Top Reasons Commercial Roofs Are Flat

Have you ever found yourself wondering why commercial roofs are always flat? Both sloped and flat roofing systems are used for residential homes, so why do most of these buildings only use flat roofing systems? The reason has to do with more than just the architectural design value of a commercial building; it’s because a flat roof has qualities that safeguard the entire building and the people inside it.

The Top Reasons Commercial Roofs Are Flat

Lask Exterior Solutions, LLC, your trusted roofing contractor, explains more.

Flat Roofs Are Easier to Maintain

Building owners prefer a flat roofing system because it doesn’t have an attic that they have to worry about keeping well ventilated, or shingles to keep clear of algae and mildew. This minimal upkeep makes the roof easy to maintain despite its constant exposure to harsh weather.

Flat Roofs Protect Large Buildings Better

Commercial roofing systems are usually flat because of the size of the structure they have to protect. Shopping malls, condominiums, manufacturing plants and office buildings are all large scale structures compared to residential houses. A sloped roof would be impractical, making a tall building even taller and leaving the roof more susceptible to damage due to high winds. The slope would also require more roofing material and support, which could be cost-prohibitive.

Flat Roofs Are Accessible

People can walk on a flat roofing system without difficulty. Roofers don’t have to put on a harness or climb a ladder to fix the damage on a commercial roofing system, which is a huge advantage since flat commercial roofs need quick solutions to prevent leaks from forming that could affect a company’s operations.

Flat Roofs Can Be Turned Into Green Roofs

Some building owners utilize their flat roofs by installing a garden on it as a solution to pooling water. This also adds value since it’s then treated as a recreational area for the people residing or working in the building. However, building owners must first consult expert roofers to ensure that their commercial roof meets the requirements  to accommodate plants with growing roots onto their roof surface. The added weight of a garden and more foot traffic is also a consideration.

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