Siding Profiles: A Simple Selection Guide

Siding Profiles: A Simple Selection Guide

Exterior siding comes in a variety of colors and configurations. This wide range of choices allows you to choose the desired appearance for your home. Although certain designs may be more popular than others in your area, mixing and matching siding materials and profiles have become immensely popular among homeowners across the United States.


Today, the siding and roofing pros of Lask Exterior Solutions, LLC provide an overview of the different exterior siding profiles.


Commonly found in traditional wood siding, this siding profile is also present in other siding materials, particularly ones that mimic the look of natural wood. Clapboard is suitable for ranch-style homes and other traditional or historic homes you can think of.


The dutchlap profile is seen as an alternative to clapboard, featuring a noticeable curve at the top of every course to create strong shadow lines. The original profile design came from Northern Europe, finding its way in homes across the mid-Atlantic region of the U.S. via the early settlers.  Dutchlap siding profiles are commonly seen in Craftsman and French Colonial home styles.


The beaded siding profile is similar to the clapboard in design, but it has an added rounded bead at the bottom of each course. For roofers and siding installers like us, this feature intensifies the shadow line created by each course. The profile was first seen in the southern United States, being used in buildings constructed before 1800. Today, siding materials with this profile are used in Georgian and Federal home styles.


This siding profile is mostly associated with cedar siding, originating in the Northwest and East coasts of the U.S. to protect homes from the harsh elements of the seaboard. It is still popular today as it lends non-wood siding material the same rugged beauty of natural wood without the hassle of ongoing maintenance. Shake siding is best used in home styles like Craftsman, Cape Cod, and French Colonial.

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