How to Pick the Best Shingle Color for Your Home

How to Pick the Best Shingle Color for Your Home

In addition to maximum weather protection, homeowners also aim to choose shingles that will help achieve the best look for their home’s exterior. The decision to have a better-looking roof begins with the color you choose. With countless shingle colors out there to choose from, the decision can be overwhelming, which is why Lask Exterior Solutions, LLC, your trusted roof and gutter guards installer, made a guide to help you pick the best shingle color for your home.

How to Pick the Best Shingle Color for Your Home

Coordination Is Key

Keep your colors in sync with each other by applying the rule of color combination: dark-colored roofs should be paired with light siding colors, and light-colored roofs should be combined with dark-colored siding. It’s all about looking at the bigger picture and using color contrast to your advantage. Depending on your existing exterior, this can help narrow down your options considerably.

Use Shingle Blends Wisely

If you want to achieve a dimensional look for your roof, use color blends on your asphalt shingles. This means your roof will be composed of various tones of the same color. For example, green color blends on shingles would include moss green, light green and dark green to make your roof more interesting.

Keep in mind that not all color-blended asphalt shingles work well with every siding color. As one of the leading roof and gutter protection services companies, our professional roofers can advise you on choosing the best type of shingle blends for your roof.

Complement Your Architectural Design

A beach house would need a light-colored roof to match its exterior while absorbing less heat from the sun. On the other hand, a traditional house is better suited to a dark roof. Your choice of asphalt shingle color will vary depending on what your home was initially built for. Your home’s architecture will only look its best with the right type of roof color complementing its structure.

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