How to Match Your Roof to Your Home’s Exterior

How to Match Your Roof to Your Home’s Exterior

Your roof is one of the most prominent components of your home’s exterior, which is why it’s important to carefully consider the color, style and texture it should have. Here are a few tips from expert roofers, LASK Roofing and Siding, Inc.

How to Match Your Roof to Your Home's Exterior

Contrast and Compare

When choosing color combinations for your siding and shingles, a basic rule is that dark-colored siding goes well with a light-colored roof, and vice versa. This creates an appealing contrast that helps your home stand out.

Choose Complementary Colors

While contrasting colors are good, clashing colors are not. You want your roofing system to complement the other components of your exterior, not clash with it. If you’re worried whether certain colors would clash with your siding, consult your roofing contractor for guidance.

Consider the Architectural Style

Different architectural styles tend to feature certain color palettes. For example, Mediterranean style homes often feature red tile roofs, while Colonial homes tend to feature more muted colors. Your contractor can help guide you if you’re not sure what color would best suit your home’s architectural design. Alternatively, you can also look for inspiration online.

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