How CertainTeed® Practices Environmental Stewardship

How CertainTeed® Practices Environmental Stewardship

Sustainability is becoming increasingly important to homeowners and contractors alike, with both striving to make eco-friendly choices. In this post, LASK Roofing & Siding, Inc. explains how industry-leading siding manufacturer CertainTeed® is at the forefront of this movement.

How CertainTeed® Practices Environmental Stewardship

Product Sustainability

CertainTeed has a ceiling plant in L’Anse, MI, that obtains its power from the nearby biomass-fueled power plant for all their operations, including the manufacturing process. This eliminates energy wastage and allows them to reduce their carbon footprint. They also use recycled and renewable content in manufacturing their Sustainable Insulation®, which is made from a plant-based binder that reduces the need for chemicals like formaldehyde and unnecessary fire retardants. If CertainTeed can do such things with their products, then it’s possible for other companies to do the same with their gutter covers or siding materials.

Resource Preservation

When it comes to resource preservation, CertainTeed manages to practice environmental stewardship in two ways: the use of gypsum board waste in manufacturing their drywall and the recycling of ceiling materials.

The first is through their gypsum plants in the U.S. and Canada. The drywall made in these plants comes from gypsum board wastes that are cleaned and recycled. This allows CertainTeed to recycle an equivalent of 300 million square feet of gypsum every year to be used by contractors.

The second is by reducing landfill waste by recycling their ceiling materials. CertainTeed avoids adding to landfill waste this by re-using their old ceiling materials to create new products, thus saving energy and valuable resources.

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