3 Ways to Avoid Gutter Damage

3 Ways to Avoid Gutter Damage

Regular cleaning is your ultimate weapon against gutter damage. However, under particular circumstances, you may need to do more to ensure your gutters are in good condition. In this article, LASK Roofing & Siding, Inc., a trusted provider of gutter protection services, shares a few tips on how you can prevent gutter damage in specific conditions.

1. Water

While gutters are designed as passage for water, they may still sustain some damage while serving this function. Standing water can cause cracks in the molding and lead to more serious damage. To prevent this from happening, ensure that any breaks in seamed gutters are sealed. It also helps to apply water-resistant paint to your gutters.

2. Clogs

When debris fails to flow through the gutter, the pressure from any flowing water will compress it together and form a clog. This places pressure on the gutter, and over time, your gutter would expand or be ineffective in letting water flow through. Installing gutter guards is a good solution to this as they are able to let rain in while keeping leaves and other debris out.

3. Overflow

Overflowing is the result of either too much rain or a shoddy installation job. To know which is which, look for debris inside the gutter as it may be clogging your gutters and preventing rainwater from flowing. If there is none, observe the direction of the gutter and note any unusual turns that may be causing an uneven flow. Make sure to hire a skilled and qualified contractor to determine the correct placement of the gutter. You can also have the pitch of your roof checked as this may be affecting how your gutter carries water.

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