3 Tips for Negotiating Costs With Your Siding Contractor

3 Tips for Negotiating Costs With Your Siding Contractor

Negotiating prices with your contractor for siding or gutter protection services shouldn’t feel awkward, as this is an essential part of the home improvement planning process. Here are some tips from LASK Roofing & Siding, Inc. to help you settle on a fair price as quickly and painlessly as possible.

Make Sure the Warranty Is Included in the Price

A strong warranty is critical, and the type of warranty being offered will impact the price your contractor is quoting you. Typically, businesses provide manufacturer warranties, which protect you from defective equipment. They may also offer additional guarantees for the installation and potential damage to your home. 

Consider Doing Some of the Work

Labor costs account for a large proportion of the overall quote. This is in part due to the significant amount of preparation that needs to be done before the siding installation can commence. Your contractor will likely offer to handle all these tasks as part of their service package. They may also take care of your gutters and gutter guards, in case they are impacting your siding. However, there are a few jobs that you may be able to do yourself, which can help lower the price. These include trimming trees and shrubbery near your home and clearing away items in your outdoor areas.

Consult With Friends and Family

Don’t hesitate to get second opinions. If you have friends and family who have recently replaced their siding, ask them about their experience. Their projects may be different from yours, but you can probably get a better idea about the costs and processes from them. This will help you determine whether the quote you’ve received is fair or not.

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